Shadowrun (noun)

Any movement, action or series of such made in carrying out plans which are illegal or quasi-legal

Welcome to Hong Kong Hustle!

This is the front page of a game which takes place in the Hong Kong Free Enterprise Zone in the year 2082 (approximately 70 years after the Awakening)

Set in the streets of Hong Kong, where bustling crowds, bright neon signs and constant hum of machinery mix with the thick scent of street food. Run by powerful corporations, the bustling metropolis is the perfect stage for operatives and agents to run the shadows amidst the masses, under the watchful eyes of triads, corporations and dragons.

The emergence of magic, outbreaks of VITAS plagues, the Computer Crash of 2029, the Euro-Wars, the fevers for independence of Amerindian tribes, the breakup of China into disparate Chinese provinces, ravaged the New and Old World, leaving governments tumbling and falling. Monetary value was lost. The world had to rebuild, and rebuild they did, this time in the image of the Mega-Corporations that seized power.
Taking advantage of the laws that had been passed years ago, and using their newfound freedom, Mega-corps began impressing their power on the failing governments. Before long the world was transformed. Boundaries were redrawn, and the political landscape was changed forever.
And just when everyone thought that life was going to be normal, the world was put through another crucible, with the second Matrix Crash, the infestation of Chicago and the emergence of Horrors.

In the dystopian future of 2080, Hong Kong remains a vibrant and chaotic city, a melting pot of cultures and a hotbed for corporate intrigue. Mega-corporations, triads, and shadowy organizations vie for control, while shadowrunners navigate the dangerous underbelly of the city, taking on high-risk jobs for profit, survival, or personal gain. In “Hong Kong Hustle,” the players will delve into the heart of this urban jungle, where danger lurks at every corner, and secrets are worth a fortune.

So prepare yourself omae, rig your trodes, slot your AR. Jack in, and get ready to bug out.

Check your six, don’t trust Mr Johnson, and never, ever, deal with a dragon…

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we play on Mondays via Discord and Roll20

Hong Kong Hustle

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